Linking Experiences & Philosophical Thoughts


My name is David Capes, I am 52 in 2014. I have had a lot of personal and professional experiences that I have always linked to philosophical thoughts. I have a French doctorate from Montaigne University of Bordeaux in Communication Studies linking Consultancy Cases and John Dewey’s philosophy (that had inspired my methods of intervention).

Now [2014-2015…16…17…], I want to deepen in the field of academic philosophy  and still in the common personal and profesionnal life what means and worths : linking Experiences & Philosophical Thoughts. My project is integrated in the context of a Master in Philosophy that I am completing at the University of Birmingham.

If YOU have taken time to find this blog and read this introduction, it means that you might share an interest in linking experiences and philosophical thoughts.

I am interested in YOU interest.

So, please, tell me :

what kind of Experiences do you (or wich to) link to Philosophical Thoughts ?

what kind of Philosophical Thoughts do you (or wich to) link to Experiences ?

in which way(s) to you link Experiences & Philosophical Thoughts ?

what does mean and worth to you linking Experiences & Philosophical Thoughts ?